Self Insured PPO Plans

A guide to your Health Plan Benefits: Summary Plan Description (Health Plan Booklet).

Changes to your plan since the last printed Summary Plan Description.

Amendment Date Amendment Participation
Amendment Date5/12/2019Amendment Benefit Changes Effective 1/1/2020 - English

Benefit Changes Effective 1/1/2020 - Spanish
ParticipationAll Plan Participants
Amendment Date11/22/2016Amendment Benefit Changes Effective 1/1/2017ParticipationAll Plan Participants
Amendment Date05/22/2015Amendment Benefit Plan Changes Effective 7/1/2015ParticipationAll Plan Participants
Amendment Date04/28/2014Amendment Benefit Plan Changes Effective 7/1/2015Participation All Active Eligible Employees
Amendment Date04/28/2014Amendment Benefit ChangesParticipation All Retirees and Dependents
Amendment Date12/21/2011Amendment Rate ChangesParticipationAll Plan Participants
Amendment Date09/08/2011Amendment Benefit ChangesParticipationAll Plan Participants
Amendment Date04/01/2011Amendment Benefit Changes Effective 5/1/2011ParticipationActive Employees, Retirees and Eligible Dependents, Including COBRA Beneficiaries
Amendment Date02/15/2011Amendment Important Information Regarding your Health PlanParticipationAll Plan Participants